Our range of services can fit every budget or situation.

Home Staging – Getting the most value for your home.

Our initial two to three hour consultation starts at the curb. We’ll then go through each room together, offering suggestions as we go. (It is amazing what changes we can make within a few hours!) We also offer a one day makeover, a full makeover or something in between. If you prefer DIY, we’ll give you tips to keep you on track.

Interior Design – Need decorating help?

Are you overwhelmed about how or where to start? A home is more than a grouping of rooms or a place to eat, work and entertain. Good home design — the best home design comes straight from the heart. Hiring a designer is as much about the relationship as it is with the credentials. We’re professional, we listen and are very easy to work with.

Color Solutions – Color sells.

Color Sells Homes

Color gives the biggest “bang for the buck”. Color influences buyers. Yellow cheers. Green balances. Blue refreshes. White enlivens all the other colors. Choosing the right color combinations to attract home shoppers can be intimidating. We know what colors work best and where, colors aren’t just for walls. We’ll share our designer tricks to create harmonious color schemes that turn “For Sale” into “Sold”. Contact us, we’re color experts. Just ask Amy O. – Macomb, MI “Christine makes music with color, in perfect harmony.”

Virtual Home Staging & Interior Design – Get expert advice no matter where you live.

Virtual Home Staging and Interior Design

We can make your home put its best foot forward, using what you already have, no matter where you are. Through pictures, e-mail, and phone calls, we’ll give you recommendations that will make your home the winning home in your market. And at a price lower than you might expect, regardless of where you live. Visit our Virtual Online Services page to get started.

Organizing Made Easy – Time to declutter, reorganize, but don’t know where to start?

We’re professionals at that (Christine Cusmano–Obarto is a professional organizer, recognized in Real Simple Magazine™). Your home could be in good condition, but when buyers see clutter they image the home may have been neglected, so one of the first things to do is get rid of all your extra stuff. We’ll make sure clutter, doesn’t clutter a buyers mind.

Investors Welcome! – Complimentary color consultation

We understand how important your bottom line is. We’ve been investors ourselves. From inside and out, we can do everything from working with the paint contractors, select the right light fixtures and much more. We can provide photography, and assist with marketing. Or we can just come in and stage when you are ready. Contact us and we can tell you more about our complimentary color consultation – a special offer to investors.

Repair, Renovate, Replant – How to speed up the sale (and get your asking price).

Repairs Save Money

Money in the Bank

Potential buyers will knock off the money they think it will cost to get any unfinished jobs done. Making sure your home is in good order, fixing leaky faucets, cracked floor or counter tiles, kitchen drawers that jam, soiled carpets, neglected landscape, is what we do for a “Ready to Sell” look.

Curb Appeal Savoir Faire – First impressions count.

Curb Appeal Savior Fair

Appeal at the curb goes beyond the obvious, a mowed lawn and clean gutters. Yes, a home needs a cared for look (sparkling windows, scrubbed sidewalks, shiny hardware) but it also needs to evoke a warm, welcoming feeling. While we know how to groom an overlooked landscape, the fact is, we know how to decorate the outdoors, (big difference here).

Makeover Cleaning Package – Clean, clean, clean.

And that doesn’t mean a home reeking of bleach and disinfectant, but it does mean squeaky clean. “If your home isn’t clean, it instantly sends up negative thoughts that the home is not well maintained,” says Sandra Renamato, HGTV’s “Property Virgins.” Well, we know how to roll up our sleeves.

Open House Preparation – It’s show time.

Open House

Unless you’re Martha Stewart, keeping your home in tip top condition while you’re living in it can be overwhelming. We will showcase your home for an open house from fresh flowers to fresh scents (not those room fresheners – some people are allergic). We’ll make sure everything is up to snuff – and make a great first impression.

Property Marketing That Works – To sell, or not to sell.

House Hunting

Good marketing tells a buyer why your home is better than the others on the market. We can provide you with quality photos and printed materials that highlight your homes best features, inside and out. We’re skilled marketers and real estate savvy.

Key Decorating Decisions

Plus, we also offer…

Accessorizing – From top to bottom.

We know how to bring all the elements together to make your home look its best to sell. (We take the minimalist approach here)

New Home Owner Design Services – What to expect?

Key decisions right at the start affects decorating choices for a long time - room planning, color selections, window treatment. Being designers, we know how to make sure it all works together.

Moving Relief – Moving creates chaos.

We will oversee and organize all aspects of your move. (Less stress for you.) Should you hire a moving company or DYI? Need help with packing? What is the right insurance? We’ll change those moving blues into a positive experience.

We’re here to assist, just go to our contact page.