Michigan Interior Design Services

Ok, you’re going to stay put for awhile. Either you’ve bought a new home, or you’ve made a decision that your current home will indeed be yours for the foreseeable future.

And now you want to make it the home of your dreams…

One of a kind dream home

That's what our interior design services are all about, giving you the living space you’ve always wanted. We combine beauty and functionality to give you an interior that will be pleasing to both your eye, and your way of life. One that will reflect your vision, and also increase the value of your home.

We’ll work within your budget, and ensure that you get exactly what you want. When DéCor Amoré is finished, you’ll look around your home every single day and marvel “I LOVE this place.”

The Details…what we do for you.

Showcase Interiors

While every home design project will have its own unique aspects, the following is typical of our services. However, regardless of what we do, it’s as simple as giving us a call or email on your end. We’ll take it from there.

The first thing we do is take a look at your home, and listen to you. We make sure we’re aware of everything, and fully understand your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. We’ll not only take into account what you are looking for style-wise, but we’ll make sure it all fits with how your family uses the space. Have a question? Visit our Contact page.

We design/create kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, living rooms, basements, kid’s rooms, “man caves”, and just about anything else.

Design Inspiration

We work out a plan with you to achieve your goals, within your budget. It all works together, furniture, paint, construction, décor…we’ll make sure you have a myriad of choices that reflect your individual tastes and price range. In essence, we bring the store to you, and together, we’ll go to town! We’ll use our decorating knowledge to make suggestions, but also ensure that your vision is realized, after all, it’s your house.

We then double check, and make sure everything works / fits, etc (you’d be surprised how many designers have ordered a fireplace insert that was an inch too big?). We keep the project on track, on budget, and make sure nothing is going to run away from us.

Dream House

We transform. By working with the most reliable, professional trades, we ensure that everything is done right, and done well. With minimal stress on your end. And when it's all done, you’ll love your home more than ever, we promise!

What Others Are Saying About
DéCor Amoré

Designing With Imagination

Designing With Imagination

”Ms. Christine   Thank you so much for your help on my room. I love it and it looks awesome!!! My blinds and bulletin board are totally sweet! It's my own home away from home and you helped me make it a more comfortable place and I hang out in it more than ever! I hope you enjoy your perfume bottle.“   Kourtney (age 13) – Macomb, MI

”I hated my bedroom, drab, drab. Not anymore! The transformation is amazing. Color, warmth, splash and a touch of whimsy, love it. Now they get to makeover my sad looking home office.“   J. Joyce – Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

”Hi Barbara,   Christine is amazing! I was having such a difficult time choosing colors for our new home. She listened to what kind of feel I wanted, as well as my decorating style. She really helped me to visualize. I no longer felt “color” anxiety. Our house looks beautiful. I couldn’t have done it without her vision and expertise. I cannot thank you enough!“   Dawn Miller – Clinton Township, MI

How can we help?

Local Interior Design

If you are local to us in Michigan, we’d be happy to come over and give you a free design evaluation (Macomb, Oakland, Wayne Counties; Shelby, Macomb, Washington, Rochester, Troy, Sterling Heights, Grosse Pointe Communities, Plus). From there, we can go any number of ways, from our noted one day makeover, to a full makeover, to a la carte. And we can work with almost any realistic budget. Just drop by our contact page and send us a message, and we’ll get things rolling.

Virtual Online Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design and Home Staging

We offer our design services virtually – to anyone, anywhere in the United States. We’ll direct you in taking pictures of your home, and we’ll work our craft through e-mails, phone calls, and the like. Obviously, this is a little more limited in scope than us being there in person, but for those not local to us, it’s very efficient and cost-effective.

Just drop by our contact page and send us a message, and we’ll get things rolling. Visit our Virtual Online Design Service