Foreclosure Facelift

Foreclosure Doesn’t Mean Forgotten

Foreclosure Doesn’t Mean Forgotten

If you are an investor, a realtor, want to avoid a foreclosure or interested in buying, it’s the same problem, a house in distress is never a good thing. Foreclosure doesn’t have to mean forgotten. We’ll turn a distressed home into a desirable property.

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Let DéCor Amoré turn Foreclosure into Fabulous

Distressed Property

Besides being experts at home staging and design (since 1995), we’re licensed builders (since 2001). Which means that every aspect – from inside and out, from repairs, re-designing, remodeling, and even replanting – can be accomplished. With us, it’s not about renting furniture, it’s about fixing it. We can turn almost any house in need of a “facelift” into move-in ready.

What we do is look at a property and say: “what will it take to get this ready?” We keep an eye on budget, obviously, but we’re not about quick-fixes either (like hiding water damaged walls with cheap paneling) – that’s never getting by the home inspector.

Home Improvement

Here’s Some of What We Do

  • Making sure the exterior is presentable. This includes landscaping, paint, windows, roof and more.
  • Are all the plumbing and electrical systems working? If not, we make them home inspection ready.
  • Are interior walls, doors, floors, and ceilings in “move-in” condition? If not, we’ll get them into shape.
  • How about those finishing touches, like lighting fixtures, carpet, faucets, and cabinets? We’ll make sure they bring out the best in the house.

Again, we do this with an eye on budget – we’ve honed our efforts here.

Why us? Why not us.

Décor Amoré Home Solutions

With our exceptional design, staging, construction and real estate experience (yes, we have that too), we focus on bringing a home to its maximum potential. In other words, we don’t just “fix it”. We “fix it to SELL” (or move in). Big difference there. So the question really becomes “why NOT us?”

We’d be happy to help you with any foreclosed home, regardless if you’re a seller, a buyer, a real estate agent, or anyone else. If you have a foreclosed home that needs some work, we’re here to help.

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