How to increase property values.

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How low (high) low can they go (home prices)?

Associated Press – WASHINGTON – “Home prices fell in January of 2012 for a fifth straight month in most major US cities as modest sales increase have yet to boost prices”.  And so the real estate roller-coaster ride goes on.

If selling, buying, remodeling or investing, the same principles apply (if you want to realize any return on your investment that is).

As members of REIA, Real Estate Investor Association, my partner Christine and I were recently invited to visit several homes here in SE Michigan purchased by Dylan Tanaka, founder REIA of Macomb, for investment purposes.

Seeing the “Work In Progress” was fun (and informative) … starting from a home that was under construction, on to homes that were SOLD.  The properties varied in price, size, style and location.

But one thing was abundantly clear, it’s the details that count.  From the flooring to the ceiling and everything in between.  Is all in good repair? Up-to-date? And sparkling clean? … because those are the details that will help to increase a properties value.

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