From Winter Home Blues to Spring Fever

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Cottages & Bungalows

Spring is in the air.  Time to update.

Inside and Out … 33 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

Cottages & Bungalows Spring 2012 offers easy, budget friendly front yard fixes.

Guess who’s featured in this edition?  Yep, we are. DéCor Amoré.  We’re The Real Estate Stagers.

This colorful magazine is packed full of expert do-it-yourself tips, beautiful images and inspiring stories, from timeless architecture to retro chic.

“With home-sale projections rising and falling faster than a roller-coaster, one thing is certain in the real-estate industry, the house has got to look its best,” says Cottages & Bungalows.

And the lessons aren’t just for those in the market to sell.  Why wait to make improvements for someone else to enjoy.  Invest, and benefit, right now.

The number one offense is the front entrance.  The front door and porch should sparkle and be the welcoming focal point from the street, and reflect the style of the home.

Do the easy things, apply a simple coast of paint on the front door, update or clean all hardware, wash the windows.  Add seasonal flowers, yellow in summer (and evergreens in winter).

So whether you’re loving to stay, or longing to leave, play up your assets, play down the flaws.  Make a great first impression for a lasting impression.

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